Then Gregory died. The father: “Angry and full of shame”

Death at 1.45am English time (2.45am Italian time). Dean Gregory: “They also took away the dignity of dying in the family home”

Then Gregory died. The news was reported on X Pro Vita & Famiglia. The death of the 8-month-old baby occurred at 1.45am English time (2.45am Italian time). “The English child was killed – ‘in her best interests’ – by a healthcare and legal system steeped in barbaric euthanasia culture, which refused to even attempt the different clinical proposal of the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome, suffocating the love of his parents in the courtroom. Today we are all full of shame: we are ashamed of a “modernity” which, out of “pity”, suppresses the weak and defenseless – we read in the Pro Vita & Famiglia post – Forgive us Indi”.

Indi’s father: “We are angry, heartbroken and full of shame”

“Indi Gregory’s life ended at 01.45, Claire and I are angry, heartbroken and full of shame”, said Dean Gregory, little Indi’s father. “The NHS and the courts not only took away her chance to live, but they also took away her dignity to die in the family home to which she belonged,” he stressed.

The procedures to stop the machinery will begin on Saturday

On Saturday, procedures were started for the detachment of the life support machinery for little Indi, suffering from a serious and rare mitochondrial disease, to which the UK judges denied transfer to Italy where the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital in Rome was said ready to welcome her. “The protocol provides for the supply of oxygen to be for a fixed period of time. It also provides for the suspension of treatment and the prohibition of resuscitation in the event of a crisis. We are following it with apprehension”, reported Simone Pillon, the lawyer who followed the woman’s family in Italy. little Indi.

Dean Gregory told Adnkronos that Indi was transferred from the hospital to the hospice by ambulance, escorted by the police. Again according to what the father reported, the little girl slept in the ambulance.

The battle for the little girl ended on Friday with the latest ruling from the British Court of Appeal which barred the parents’ appeal and the proposed transfer to the Bambino Gesù hospital in Rome. “We have activated every procedure of the international treaties, we have offered transfer, treatment, collaboration. Italy has done everything possible at the request of the parents, but has only found walls”, were the embittered words of Pillon.