Then Gregory, stop treatment postponed. The father: “He doesn’t deserve to die”

More hours of hope for little Indi Gregory, the 8-month-old baby, suffering from a very serious mitochondrial pathology, which the doctors of the Queen’s Medical Center in Nottingham and the British judges consider irreparable, and thus condemned by the courts across the Channel to be removed the thorn against his parents’ wishes. The appeal on the possibility of transferring jurisdiction of the case to the Italian judge will be heard this afternoon, with the deadline for removing life supports extended until the outcome of the hearing. The lawyers develop strategies to save her. “She doesn’t deserve to die”, says the little girl’s father meanwhile.

Today’s hearing and the hypothesis of the transfer to Italy

The deadline to put an end to the treatment that is keeping Ingrid alive in the English hospital has been extended to today, pending the conclusion of a crucial hearing in which starting from midday (1pm in Italy) a decision will be made on the newborn’s transfer to Rome , to the Child Jesus, ready to welcome her, and therefore of her destiny. Italy recently granted Indi citizenship to give her a chance at survival. And it is precisely on this that the efforts carried out by the English lawyers representing the Gregory family are based, in collaboration with the Pro Vita & Famiglia non-profit association and the former Northern League senator and lawyer Simone Pillon, responsible for the Italian side of the matter. As the lawyers explained, it was possible to make progress after the competent Italian judge contacted the English one and the documents were sent to the Court of Appeal. Furthermore, the Prime Minister’s Office wrote to the British Ministry of Justice as required by the Hague Convention.