“There are good things and bad things”: Elettra Lamborghini in tears in the studio

The singer Elettra Lamborghini in tears in the studio: “There are good things and bad things”, below are her words

During the television interview, the famous singer could not hold back her tears. “There are good things and bad things“, He exclaimed in the studio. Are you curious what he was talking about? If so, keep reading the article and you will find out.

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The Lamborghini in tears during the television interview: here are his words (Source: screen Instagram)

Elettra Lamborghini in tears in the studio: her words

Elettra Lamborghini is one of the most followed singers by young people in our country. After becoming famous with the single “Pem Pem“, Ferruccio Lamborghini’s granddaughter released her first album,”Tweerking Queen“, Which achieved some success. In 2020 he also participated in the Sanremo Festival with the song Music (and the rest disappears).

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Recently, in addition to being a singer, Lamborghini has also become a television personality. He played the role of commentator of “The Island of the Famous“And coach of”The Voice of Italy“.
As we said, Elettra is very popular on social media, especially on Instagram, where it has nearly 7 million followers. Her photo they are always full of like her stories reach thousands of interactions.

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electra lamborghini inconsolable

Recently, Elettra was a guest on the television program “very true”Conducted by Silvia Toffanin. The famous singer was moved by talking about her mare, Lolita. She died not long ago and the singer still suffers thinking about her: “Lolita helped me in a very difficult time for me. I was 12 and I was looking for a horse to buy to compete. But I didn’t think he died so soon. We also had it operated but it didn’t. It happened four days after my wedding. It’s like it’s my angel. This is life: there are good things and bad things “.