There are those who pretend to be a collaborator of Patti Smith and ask fans for locks of hair

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It seems like an April fool but in reality today is already the 6th of the month, so we are no longer in the “Cesarini area” to give news of April 1st to make you bite as a joke. No, it’s all true. Indeed, it’s all disturbingly true: someone is posing as a collaborator of Patti Smith to be sent locks of hair.

A scammer is pretending to be a close collaborator of the American singer-songwriter, poet and artist, asking fans of the rock legend to send him locks of hair to allow the star to make a wig with direct input from her admirers.

Patti Smith herself warns her audience, who on Instagram warns against falling into this fraud (which she defines as the “dumbest thing I’ve ever heard”. And we join the chorus).
The American music icon has recently posted a video on his IG profile in which he tells what is happening. To his (and our) enormous astonishment, since he had never heard of anything like this. Despite someone like Patti Smith having more or less already heard and seen everything and more… But no. We still manage to leave someone like Patti Smith in awe.

At the bottom of this article you can watch the video of the famous rock singer-songwriter and poet who warns her fans about the scammer who pretends to be her to have locks of her hair sent to her. No, we repeat: it’s not an April Fool’s joke. And we also took care to double check the date Patti Smith posted the video on IG: it was April 4th, not April 1st.

Patti Smith’s warning: “Warning against stupid fraud”

“Warning against stupid fraud”, this is the premise in the caption accompanying the video shared by Patti Smith.

“If someone calls you, writes an email or contacts in any way asking you for hair to make me a wig, it’s clearly not me”. With these words, the singer-poet is keen to underline first of all the importance of keeping away from fraud, but not only that: she also intends to point out that she does not need any wig at all, given that she certainly does not lack hair ( which he has always had in abundance, which have now become one of his stylistic hallmarks).

Patti Smith: “If I want something, I’ll ask for it myself”

The singer of People Have The Power he adds: “If I want something, I ask for it myself”.

Her large crowd of followers knows it well, who follow her on Instagram and on other social networks and who have known her for decades now (since well before Mark Zuckerberg’s era in short), knowing that direct contact is so essential for her as much as music and art.
Then Patti Smith wanted to return to a theme very dear to her: her beloved mop. “And by the way, I don’t wear wigs,” she specified. “I have nothing against wigs”, she is keen to underline, but she adds: “I didn’t even use them in the collage when I played Phaedra. I just don’t use them.”

Finally, he gives an update on the health of his hair: “As far as I’m concerned, my hair is old, but it’s fine”.

Below we show you the video of Patti Smith warning her fans about the scammer who has locks of hair sent to him posing as one of his collaborators.