There is also the ‘cinema room’: here is the house of Ciro Immobile, a real jewel

Here is the house of Ciro Immobile, it is a real jewel: there is also the ‘cinema room’, how nice!

Ciro Immobile he is one of the strongest and best known footballers in our country and after many matches and training sessions, he loves to return to the tranquility of his home. He certainly cannot live in a common house. Do you know where he lives and what his house is like? Let’s find out together.

Have you seen the house of Ciro Immobile? It is a real gem! (Source Instagram)

Ciro Immobile he gained some fame due to his great talent as a player of the Lazio. Born in 1990, the striker of the biancazzurra was born and raised in Torre Annunziata, but from a young age he left his homeland to follow his dream and make it come true around the world. In his various movements, such as Germany, Spain and now Italy, the captain never leaves his beautiful wife at home Jessica Melena and his three children, who live with him in a large villa in the middle of nature where there is also a huge cinema room. Let’s find out where he lives Ciro Immobile and how is his house.

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Here is the house of Ciro Immobile, a real gem!

The House of Ciro Immobile it’s a real dream, and you can see it from the many photos and stories Instagram of Immobile and his wife. Probably the house is located in Rome or in the surrounding area, to make the career of a real estate player manageable. The house looks like a large villa on several floors, with huge windows that allow light to illuminate the environment. The floors of the house are all white marble and make the large living room where the whole family gathers even more spacious.

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Ciro Immobile's house
Source Instagram

Even her children’s bedrooms are not far behind, a riot of colors and beds like real princesses. But probably the most amazing thing is also the huge room in the cinema room. It is hidden and with red armchairs and carpets, just like a real cinema. Ciro Immobile he loves spending time here with his family, watching a good movie, or playing video games, with a really huge screen.

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A truly dream home, for Ciro Immobile! Did you expect it like this and with the private cinema room?