There is Mail for you starts with a bang: the two super guests of the first episode

There is Mail for you starts with a bang: the two super guests of the first episode; the advances of Saturday 8 January 2022.

Here we are! After the usual stop on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, our favorite programs are about to return to air. And the queen of the Saturday night broadcasts of Canale 5 cannot be missing, You’ve Got Mail! Also this year, Maria De Filippi’s program will start immediately after the Christmas holidays, Saturday 8 January 2022. And it will start with a bang!

There is Mail for you starts with a bang: the two super guests of the first episode (Source Mediaset Infinity)

As always there will be touching stories, requests for forgiveness and special surprises, alternating with cute little curtains. A mix of emotions that only C’e Posta can give, but do you know who the guests of the first date will be? It is about two super guests! The wait is now even higher! Here are the previews.

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There is Mail for You, who are the guests of the first episode on Saturday 8 January

“This is the story of a gift”: this is how Maria De Filippi introduces some of the stories of C’e Posta per te. These are some special surprises that mail senders decide to organize for their recipients. Surprises that include the entry of a special guest, who represents the great gift for those who receive the mail! There are many VIPs who participated in the surprises of C’e Posta and also in the new edition, number 25, there will be no shortage. Who are the first two super guests of the first episode?

Brace yourselves because they will be in the studio Stefano De Martino and Paolo Bonolis! Two great guests to start this 25th edition of the broadcast in a great way. Which, we are sure, will be characterized by record ratings, as always when it comes to Queen Mary.

stefano de martino there is mail for you
(Source Witty tv)

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And the wait is almost over for the fans of the other De Filippi broadcasts too: Men and Women and Friends will be back on the air very soon. Amici will return on Sunday 9 December, to then start again with daytime from Monday 10. And on Monday 10 January the daily appointments with Men and Women will also restart. We just have to enjoy this new year full of surprises and emotions!