There is only one M¥SS KETA, beware of imitations. And it’s “Devastating”!

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A few years ago, on the occasion of the official engagement between William and Kate, some posters appeared in London which read: “There’s only one Kate in London”. The rather provocative image was not that of the young Middleton, but of the model Kate Moss (portrayed, moreover, dressed – or rather undressed – as a bride). Seeing M ¥ SS KETA’s concert in Milan, the only date in her city, that poster came back to my mind. Only, instead of Kate, I put M¥SS. “There’s only one Myss in Milan” we could write. Or rather: “Beware of imitations: there is only one like her”

A wonderful end of the world

Who on Thursday evening in Milan not only made a wonderful “Finimondo” (to mention one of his most recent successes), but above all confirmed that no one will ever be able to scratch his artistic genius, his being futuristic and unique. Three hundred and sixty degrees. In a contemporary world where image is everything, Myss Keta has hidden her face by wearing a mask, making her face (and her identity) a mystery. At first it seemed to most just a curious choice, but it was anything but that. It was a stance, but without rallies and screams. A mask that, however, was never a cover. Because M¥SS KETA has always put her face and voice on everything, with provocative and direct texts. Yes: M¥SS KETA, since day zero, has had the courage to “provoke”, a verb that often has a negative connotation. But not always. Because provoking also means “bringing out” and “causing a fact” which she has done since the beginning of her artistic career. And that she reiterated in her concert, in a colorful and wonderful Milan.

From Big Mama to Cmqmartina and Ambra, with the devastating Pagante

Two hours of concert in which The one and only M¥SS sang the main hits of his four albums, with many surprises. The first ovation can be seen (and heard) when M¥SS intones “The girls of Porta Venezia”, followed by another, when the energetic Big Mama enters. Then comes Cmqmartina to sing “Prosciutto Prosciutto” and Ambra, for a M¥SS KETA-style version of the unforgettable “T’appartengo”. Everything here is special because we are at Club Topperia, ça va sans dire.

“Tonight is a movie, wear 3D glasses”

There is non-stop dancing, even with David Blank, who teaches the audience a few moves to appreciate even more an evening that is already unforgettable. Time to listen to two more pieces and there’s a new surprise: Il Pagante arrives with “Devastante” and “Adoro”. The energy that the three of them, together, are able to release with just two songs is incredible. Call it synergies, call it the beauty of music, call it uniqueness. Any more words would perhaps be superfluous, because certain emotions and energies can only be experienced, and telling them would be an understatement. The concert is drawing to a close with “Pazzeska” and “Finimondo”.

The detail that makes the difference

Dulcis in fundo with THE song, or “Milano Sushi & Coca”, which marked the beginning of M¥SS KETA’s artistic career. “I want to thank you for these ten beautiful years. If this song has become so important it’s only thanks to you” says the artist. With her, in addition to the corps de ballet, also a Milano in a hardcover version, some sushi and a bottle of Coca Cola, the three identifying elements of the hit. And while she sings “Chirashi, sashimi, park Forlanini” a very important detail does not escape most: M ¥ SS KETA is wearing the shirt from the iconic video of the song. The perfect way to close a concert yes, devastating.

Appointment in the summer, because the M¥SS is back in concert. And remember: “When M¥SS KETA arrives on the track, the situation finally begins”.

The ladder


A woman who matters

Distracted illusion Mix / Caged


The girls of Porta Venezia



XTC feat. Big Mama / The box pushes

Ham ham feat. Anywaymartina

Scent of the sea

Bono / We found love rmx

I belong to you with Amber



Topperia Club

Moveset feat. David Blank

We will let you know

Xananas / Pussies like panic

Joan Hardcore

House of mirrors

Devastating feat. The Payer

i love feat. The Payer


All hell

Milan Sushi and Coca