There is still a weather alert in Italy, a new phase of intense bad weather is on the way

Orange alert in Tuscany, yellow in 4 other regions. The mayor of Prato: “Stay at home”

New orange weather alert from today, Thursday 9 November, from the afternoon in Tuscany until tomorrow Friday 10 issued by the Cfr – Regional Functional Center of the Tuscany Region. As a precaution, the Municipality of Prato has ordered the closure of schools, cemeteries and gardens with the mayor inviting people to stay at home. A yellow alert has also been placed in 4 other regions for hydraulic, storm and hydrogeological risk: these are Emilia-Romagna, sectors of Tuscany, Sardinia and Umbria. In fact, a new disturbance is about to arrive in Italy and the meteorological picture will worsen again in our country with the return of heavy rains, thunderstorms and even snow.

Orange alert in Tuscany

The regional civil protection operations room has issued a new orange criticality bulletin for rainfall and hydraulic and hydrogeological risk which will affect north-western Tuscany from 4pm today Thursday 9 November to 2pm tomorrow Friday 10 November.

Precipitation will become more intense in the second part of the day on Thursday and will extend from the coast towards the interior. Thunderstorms are also expected from the evening. Maximum to high cumulative amounts are expected in the coastal areas and in the provinces of Massa-Carrara, Lucca, Pisa, Pistoia and Prato, also affecting territories which, due to the events of recent days, are in conditions of particular vulnerability. In the Bisenzio-Ombrone area of ​​Pistoia, a yellow code is also foreseen for hydraulic risk of the main network from 6pm on Thursday to 2pm on Friday.

Finally, code yellow, from 4pm on Thursday to 2pm on Friday, due to hydrogeological and hydraulic risk of the minor network, with strong storms, in the rest of the regional territory.

Italy weather forecast today and tomorrow

A new phase of intense bad weather is therefore expected today as we read on and this time it will also hit the northern regions. Precipitation will start from the North-West and will progressively intensify during the day, becoming extremely strong in some areas such as for example in Eastern Liguria and by the night also on the coasts of Veneto and Friuli (possible formation of a small vortex on the upper Adriatic); in the Alps we expect snow starting from 1000-1200 meters above sea level as temperatures will drop. In the evening the rains will also extend to the Centre, in particular to Tuscany and Umbria and Lazio.

The weather conditions are then destined to worsen tomorrow Friday 10 November, especially in the Centre-South. with the Tyrrhenian side which will be heavily hit by significant rainfall and intense thunderstorms near the weekend, which will especially affect southern Tuscany, Lazio and Campania.

At the same time, the North will see a rapid improvement, with the exception of the Triveneto, where rainfall is still expected, especially in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Pay attention to the maximum temperatures which until recently were decidedly above the seasonal average: thermometers will drop significantly.