“There was no alternative”: Al Bano, the truth about Romina and the background on Loredana Lecciso

Al Bano puts the dots on the i: the singer tells the truth about Romina Power and that background with Loredana Lecciso

The triangle no I had not considered“: Renato Zero sang and apparently not even Al Bano he hadn’t considered it at all. The well-known singer actually wanted to clarify the issue that sees him at the center of the gossip chronicles together with the two women who have been at the center of his life for years, albeit in different ways.

Al Bano, the singer tells the whole truth about Romina and Loredana Lecciso – Credits: Instagram/YouTube (sologossip.it)

What had been an artistic partnership between Al Bano and Romina Power we know well that it was much more. The youthful love that united the two in an intense relationship full of emotions, beautiful and ugly, was deep and great. First the years of success, those that then coincided with the key moments of their love story. Then the wedding and then again the birth of their children. From joys to pain for the disappearance of their daughter Ylenia Carrisitogether the two undoubtedly shared a lot.

After the end of their relationship, another woman entered Al Bano’s life: Loredana Lecciso. Also with her Al Bano built his family and it happens that even today, after ups and downs, Loredana Lecciso is the life partner of the singer of San Marcellino. But it was Al Bano himself who put the dots on the i’s and to clarify how things really stand between them, who in an interview with Novella 2000 he retraced the moments spent in the company of Romina Power also underlining the reasons for the end of their story and love instead with Loredana Lecciso.

Al Bano on Romina Power: “With Romina there was no alternative”

A love that made both hearts beat in the early 60s when both were at the dawn of what would soon become a golden career. Al Bano and Romina Power were, starting from those years, protagonists of the gossip chronicles. And yet, even today they occupy a place on the front page, it must be said.

banned on romina power
Al Bano explains what happened with Romina Power (sologossip.it)

At Novella 2000 the singer wanted to clarify that after the definitive end of their love story, which came to an end because it was the artist who left him, there was no love triangle to act as a glue between the ‘3’. The love between Romina Power and Al Bano had already come to an end, 10 years before the singer then made that meeting that changed his life. “With Romina there was no alternative. She decided to leave and she did“, said the singer thanking her for everything they have given each other. In her life, however, it has been there for some time now Loredana Leccisolove of his life.

The background on Loredana Lecciso

Today a couple united more than ever. To his better half, the singer revealed how much Loredana Lecciso was precious to him. “A burst of spring in a difficult period of my life“: said the singer talking about his relationship with his other half.

al bano and loredana forged the relationship between the two
Al Bano, how’s it going with Loredana Lecciso – Credits: Instagram (sologossip.it)

Theirs is a love that has kept them together for more than 20 years. Of course, their relationship has also had its ups and downs but together they have always managed to overcome adversity. What is certain is that the singer embarked on a relationship with Lecciso only years after the end of the love story with Romina Power.