There’s Still Tomorrow, public and critical success for Paola Cortellesi. VIDEO

A deserved success. The greetings of the cast continue in the room, the spontaneous applause begins even before the closing credits, a bit like what happens, in fact rarely, during International Festivals.

And then there are the reactions on social media, from those with friends, partners or daughters who have just seen it There’s still tomorrow.

The words are spontaneous and emotional. They tell of tears and laughter, of a story that touches the audience’s deepest chords.


Also colleagues and friends of Paola Cortellesi they entrust their thoughts to social media.

For example, there is the pride of Gianni Morandiwhich remembers the actress and director he met 20 years ago and praises her career.

Or Gabriele Muccino who describes the film as valuable, precious and important.

For Frankie hi-nrg mc is a film “full of grace” that tells of a “high and necessary female heroism”.

Anna Foglietta then he invites everyone to go and see it and in fact the film is becoming a true all-Italian cinematic phenomenon, given the story, the setting and the cast.


After winning three awards at the Rome Film Festival, including the audience prize, the special jury prize and the special mention for best first film, among the great merits of a film that grossed more than 1 million euros on November 1st alone (thus becoming the best grossing in a single day of an Italian film from February 2020), there is certainly also the aim of making the public fond of the theater again. With a collection, at the moment, of almost 3 and a half million euros and with a run that could rise much higher. There’s still tomorrow excites everyone. And this, perhaps, is the most important aspect.