These are all the tattoos that Yailin La Más Viral has and what they mean

the dominican singer Yailin, the most viral, 20 years old became the wife of Anuel AA just three months ago and now rumors of an impending divorce surround the couple. This is because they have not been shown together on social networks or in public for a while.

Yailin, the most viral, It owes its nickname to its high exposure in the social network of the camera, where it accumulates more than five million from all latitudes that do not lose track of it. For them, she shares photos of her best looks and poses of hers with which she sets trends, as well as fragments of her work as an artist.

on more than one occasion Yailin, the most viral, He has shown off the tattoos he has throughout his worked body as a result of his perseverance with physical exercise and good nutrition. The wife of Anuel AA She likes to wear clothes that highlight every part of her physique that she is proud of.

Yailin, the most viral and her tattoos. Source: instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

One of the most striking tattoos he has Yailin, the most viral, the name ‘Emmanuel’ on one of his arms. This is in reference to lover Anuel AA, who returned the gesture and drew some striking letters that say “Georgina” Yailin’s real name, the most viral, in a clear sign of love.

Yailin, the most viral and her tattoos. Source: instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

Other designs that boasts Yailin, the most viral, It is a woman drawn between different types of flowers on her left arm, but so far the meaning is unknown and the singer has not wanted to reveal it either. On her back she has a small inscription that is illegible on postcards and on her arm a bracelet that gives a special touch to her look.