These are the 5 most popular videos on TikTok of Trini Neira, the daughter of Pamela Díaz

Trini Neira She is the eldest daughter of the television host Pamela Diaz. She was born from the marriage of the brunette with the former Colo Colo soccer player, Manuel Neira, and has a brother named Mateo. The truth is that she is the young woman who is very popular on social networks, especially on Tik Tok.

Trini Neira she is the owner of an enviable beauty and figure, although there is a lot of genetics in her, there are no doubts that the daughter of Pamela Diaz He spends several hours in the gym and takes care of both his diet and his style. Only on Instagram she has more than 500 thousand followers who are aware of his publications.

But the favorite social network of Trini Neira is Tik Tok, there he accumulates 98 thousand followers who have fun with his videos. In the short clips that go viral on more than one occasion due to her beauty and talent, the daughter of pamela diaz It is shown with informal and sporty looks with different soccer jerseys while miming the songs of the moment.

Trini Neira he is 20 years old and now lives near his mother pamela diazbut he spent a long time in the middle of a study exchange in Barcelona, ​​a city from which he learned a lot about fashion design, the career he chose for his future and in which he ventured little by little.

on more than one occasion Pamela Diaz shares reels on Instagram with her daughter Trini Neira but she does not return the gesture since all the videos she has on Tik Tok and that are acclaimed by her fans do not have to do with her mother, but with fashion, beauty, make-up and manicure tips.