These are the foods that Diana Bolocco avoids in her diet to stay full at age 45

the journalist Diana Bolocco 45 years old is one of the great figures of the local screen but also one of the most recognized faces in the entire region. As a consequence, the sister of Cecilia He accumulates more than a million and a half followers on the camera’s social network who are aware of his activities.

For themDiana Bolocco She shares photos of her best poses and looks as she has become a benchmark for fashion and trends due to her good taste in clothing. But the host also shares photos of her family, her travels, and her work routines.

Now Diana Bolocco He surprised his fans when he opened his social networks to questions and one of his followers asked him: “What do you eat to stay like this? You are beautiful”, to which the sister of Cecilia Bolocco He responded immediately: “They ask me a lot what I eat and what physical activity I do, but there are not many secrets in this.”

Diana Bolocco answers questions. Source: instagram @dianaboloccof

“I eat healthy and avoid sugar and junk food. If you add physical activity to that, much better,” he revealed. Diana Bolocco and his followers were ready to imitate this type of life and diet. Then they asked him how difficult it is to raise three children of different ages.

Diana Bolocco answers questions. Source: instagram @dianaboloccof

Diana Bolocco He responded immediately: “Yes, it is, because they have very different needs. But that makes it special, because the big ones often help with the little ones”. Then her followers asked her for some fashion advice and brands that she consumes and the host provided the information without problems.