These are the last days of Shakira in Barcelona before moving permanently

Shakira The storm has already passed, and as his own lyrics say, the sun always rises. After a hectic year, which meant her separation from Gerard Piqué after 12 years of relationship, the Colombian is now a little calmer thinking about the future. The singer, after reaching an agreement with Piqué, got tired of being in Barcelona, ​​and it is that her partner was the reason for being there, now that they separated and on top of that Pique I quit football, it no longer makes any sense to stay in Spain. For that reason, Shakira will soon live with her children in Miami. she is preparing the final details to leave Barcelona and settle permanently in Miami, in the United States.

The trip already has a scheduled date, it will be in a private jet on January 7, a day in January coincidentally, like his song. The holidays will hardly pass in Spain, she and her children, and then they will quickly leave for the American continent. The rush is marked more than anything by the start of classes for children, which is scheduled for January 11.

The agreement they reached Shakira Y Gerard Piqué about Sasha and Milan, consists of the following terms: “We have signed an agreement that guarantees the well-being of our children and that will be ratified in court, as part of a merely formal procedure (…) our only objective is to contribute (to children) the greatest security and protection, and we trust that their privacy will be respected. We appreciate the interest shown and we hope that the children can continue with their lives with the necessary privacy, in a safe and calm environment,” they explained together in a statement.

In addition, since the house that belonged to the family Pique, in the happy days and also where the monotony happened, it will be empty since it has been put up for sale. The journalists Laura Fa and Lorena Vásquez confirmed this in the “Mamarazzis” podcast of the Spanish newspaper: “Let them know that we have control over the real estate company that is going to put the properties up for sale… The only company they have Shakira and Gerard Piqué, is that they own three houses, the singer’s, her parents’ and Gerard Piqué’s parents”.

The journalists also revealed an important piece of information. There are three houses that are in Barcelona and that were part of the conjugal partnership that formed Shakira Y Pique at the time. The one where they lived, the one where his parents and her parents live. It is not known what will happen to the other two remaining ones, what they did clarify is that you cannot see photos of the one that is already for sale, this is what they said regarding the photos of the house: “unless you show that you have pasta and economic solvency to buy it, they will not show it to you ”.