These are the main conditions that Diana Bolocco requested to be in "Good morning to all"

According to some rumors about the new hosts of the program “Good morning everyone”, TVN I would be negotiating with Diana Boloco to join their ranks from January 2023. After the departure of Gonzalo Ramírez and after Carolina Escobar, the state channel’s morning show was left without its entertainers. At the moment, the one who is in charge of the mornings of the state channel is Gino Costa, only until the end of the year.

Journalist Luis Sandoval revealed the conditions requested by the host to decide to go to the state channel and not Channel 13, who would also be negotiating to add Bolocco to their ranks. “Diana Bolocoin order to accept TVN’s offer, he asked to leave with nothing more and nothing less than the executive producer, Pablete, at the helm, in command of Good Morning Everyone,” said the former Me Late panelist.

Diana in the program El retador de Mega. Source: Instagram @dianaboloccof

According to Sandoval, another of the requests made by the host to be part of the program on TVN is the change of schedule. According to what the panelist said: “this is a rumor of what reaches me, but they told me that Diana Boloco He had said that he wants the morning session to last from eight in the morning until 12 noon”.

Among all the rumors and speculations with the hiring of Diana Boloco, she shared a story on her instagram account with a message that did not go unnoticed by her followers. She wears a black bikini as she basks in the sun and the caption reads, “Surprises are coming.” Perhaps he is referring to her possible arrival on national television.

The story published by Diana on instagram. Source: Instagram @dianaboloccof

Diana She is currently linked to Mega despite having left the Mucho Gusto program several weeks ago. According to what Sergio Rojas said in Me late she seems that the sister of Cecilia Boloco She would have felt betrayed and neglected and has felt undervalued on her channel due to the arrival of another figure like Karen Doggenweiler.