These are the photos that "they ruined his life" to Clara Chia Marti

It is said that one photo in particular, taken at a wedding in Costa Brava where he appeared with Piquewas the one that marked a change in the style of Clara Chia Marti. An employee of Kosmos, Piqué’s company, affirms that the public relations specialist felt very affected by the comments that arose on social networks, even crying when she saw the first leaked images of her with her boyfriend.

Clara’s hair has been the subject of a lot of criticism, especially in that photo where it looks unkempt and battered. The comparisons with Shakira and the comments from entertainment magazines calling her “sloppy” and “fat” were especially painful for her.

However, it seems that the young woman has taken steps to change her appearance. Currently, she sports a more well-groomed and defined hair, with a trending cut known as the “butterfly cut”, which combines chestnut and platinum blonde. She has also opted for combined garments, always in black tones.

It has been speculated that one of the most famous beauty salons in Barcelona would have helped improve her image.

Jordi Martinthe journalist from the program “El Gordo y la Flaca” who has followed the movements of Piqué and Shakira for years, was the first to reveal the identity of the 23-year-old who stole the heart of the former Barcelona player.

Photos of Clara Chía Martí appeared on the cover of Hola! magazine. in August of last year. In them, the young woman is seen wearing a vertically colored striped dress, nude-colored sneakers, and her blonde hair loose.

A few months ago, a Kosmos employee who works with Clara Chia she confessed to the journalist that it was very difficult for her to see the photos on the cover of the magazine and read the negative comments about her on social networks.

“He cried when he saw how he looked in the first filtered photos with Piqué,” he explained. “She has come to work dejected, crying, saying that those photos of her have ruined her life. That the whole world is criticizing her, they are laughing at her,” added the reporter.

After that episode, Clara Chía decided to renew her image and has shown herself with a different hair color, smoother skin, and a more modern style of clothing in her latest appearances.

Here is the video of Jordi Martin analyzing the case: