They accuse Mauricio Pinilla of having a million-dollar debt with a former partner

The Chilean ex-soccer player Mauricio Pinillawho recently confirmed his romance with the Spanish Gala Caldirolafaces accusations of a million-dollar debt by a former partner of the Constitution Bar. Jorge Orellana Reyesformer general manager of the bar, assures that Pinilla owes him around 15 million Chilean pesos and that his economic situation was seriously affected by it.

As reported Orellana Reyes In an interview with Sígueme y Te Sigo, his employment relationship with Pinilla began with a mutual friendship and lasted for a short time.

However, during that time, Orellana Reyes could perceive that Pinilla was asking “absolutely everything first rate” and that even when the local’s financial problems began to manifest themselves, the footballer continued to demand a level of spending that was not sustainable.

The situation worsened when Pinilla’s father began to take all the cash from the openings and the money that was raised with Transbank reached his checking account, which left Orellana Reyes without funds to maintain the business.

Furthermore, when he had a run-in with Pinilla’s father in December 2018, he decided to leave his job due to the way he was treated.

Currently, the lawsuit is directed against Bar Constitución Spa and its legal representative is the father of Mauricio Pinilla.

Orellana Reyes assures that he has no one to collect the 15 million pesos that Pinilla owes him and that, therefore, the situation has left him in a very difficult financial situation.

The relationship between Pinilla and Gala Caldirola has been the subject of attention in the media, but these accusations of debt with his ex-partner may overshadow the Chilean footballer’s moment of happiness. The situation is still developing and it is expected that there will be more information about it in the coming days.