They accused her of ‘ostentation’ for showing herself in costume at the age of 54

After the criticism he received for a video in which he appeared in costume at the age of 54, he wanted to give the haters a truly ‘epic’ answer.

The beautiful actress that we all remember for the role she played in a beloved TV show from the nineties was harshly criticized on social media for a video in which she was seen in a bikini. Her age was targeted, according to some of her not suitable to show off her physique in a bathing suit.

Criticism actress in costume (Credits: Instagram)

She is one of the super handsome former ‘beach guards’ who have depopulated in Baywatch, among the American series of a few decades ago that became real cult. Today it has 54 years oldbut looking at the photos on his Instagram profile there is to be truly amazed as he shows at least 20 less!

His athletic physique has remained practically the same as it was when he wore the mythical red costume of the lifeguards-heroes protagonists of the many adventures that made us dream. Evidently aware of this, she didn’t hesitate to post a video on Instagram in which she wore a skimpy two-piece swimsuit. It was July 4th, US independence day, and the stars and stripes bikini was meant to be a tribute to his homeland.

A gesture that unleashed a flood of controversies and offenses by those who do not consider it appropriate, after a certain age limit, to appear publicly not very dressed. The actress responded in kind to the criticism by posting another photo in which she is wearing another equally ‘micro’ bikini. She then wrote in the caption what she thinks about the matter.

He shows himself in costume at the age of 54 and responds to criticism: “I can do what I want”

The beautiful 54-year-old we’re talking about is Donna D’Erricoborn in 1968, who played the role of Donna Marco in Baywatch. Here she was the perfect ‘heir’ of Pamela Anderson, another authentic icon of that era. Arrived at the auditions thanks to a photo shoot on Playboy, after the experience as a ‘lifeguard’ the actress and model she starred in several films including the horror film Candyman: the day of death. Mother of two children respectively born from the marriage ended with the musician Nikki Sixx and from a previous relationship, D’Errico continues to be dazzlingly beautiful.

In the post replying to the haters she said she was judged “too old to wear a bikini”, “desperate”, “vulgar” and with too much desire to appear despite her age. Her accusations, however, seem not to worry her at all, so much so that she has made it clear once and for all: “Let me tell you something that might surprise you. I can literally wear and do what I want. And by the way, this is a photo of me in a bikini crouched on a coffee table ”.

in costume at 54
Actress victim of costume criticism (Credits: Instagram)

Indeed, from this photo it cannot be said that he cannot afford it! What is your opinion on this?