"They are not “cayaguaguas”: Vesta Lugg gives a BRILLIANT response to a misplaced person who commented on his body

The Chilean model and singer, Vesta Lugg, recently published a video on his Instagram account in which he appears dancing to the rhythm of “Suerte” by Shakira. The song in question includes a part where the Colombian artist says: “I’m lucky that my breasts are small.” In this context, Vesta Lugg received an offensive comment from a man who referred to her breasts in a vulgar way.

The comment in question said: “do not throw yourself down by your ‘cayaguaguas’ (sic)”. However, the model did not remain silent and decided to respond clearly and forcefully: “Hello, my breasts are part of my body. They are not cayaguaguas (sic). Being a woman is not just being a mother. The role of my anatomy is not it is linked only to motherhood. My images on my social networks are not an invitation to sexualize myself. My existence is not to please you. This is a universal invitation for everyone who can to go to therapy. Verbalizing these types of opinions and visions is not It’s not normal or healthy. Hugs.”

Vesta Lugg’s words have been applauded by many users of social networks, who highlight her courage in directly and clearly confronting a sexist and offensive comment. In addition, her response highlights the importance of gender education and the need to eradicate stereotypes and prejudices that have become normal in our society.

The Chilean model, known for her work on television and in the world of fashion, has been an active voice in the fight for gender equality and respect for women’s rights. Her response to this unfortunate comment is not only an example of how to defend oneself against sexist comments, but also an invitation to reflect on how society continues to perpetuate certain ideas and prejudices in relation to women.