"they are toxic ": Kel Calderón clarifies the rumors about an alleged pact with his ex Pangal Andrade

kel calderonthe well-known Chilean influencer, has generated a stir on social networks after rumors arose about an alleged “pact” that she would have with her ex-partner, pangal andradeso as not to publicly show their new sentimental partners.

The daughter of the former model Raquel Argandoña, who recently made her romance with chef Renzo Tissinetti official, referred to this theory and categorically denied that there is such an agreement between her and Andrade.

Kel Calderón clarifies the rumors about an alleged pact with his ex Pangal Andrade

In an interview with ADN, Kel pointed out: “I don’t know where they got that from, that from the pact. But I have a super good relationship with Pangal, I adore him, I wish him the best, I love his family too, but we didn’t have a pact… that they are toxic… That would be toxic, I think that would be bizarre”.

The influencer explained that after having been in very public romantic relationships in the past, she has become more reluctant to share intimate details of her love life. In addition, she assured that she prefers to maintain a balance between what she shares and what she does not, because there are people who only seek to destroy and not contribute anything positive.

Kel, who is followed by more than a million people on Instagram, also touched on her current relationship with Tissinetti. The influencer pointed out that she is very happy and that the chef has done her very well. Likewise, she thanked her followers for the good wishes she has received from her since she made her relationship public.

The young woman, who has been recognized for her activism in favor of women’s rights and diversity, has also stood out for her career on television. Kel has participated in programs such as “Dancing for a dream” and “Resistiré”, where she demonstrated her physical and mental strength.