They arrived safely! Maura Rivera responded furiously to accusations of abandoning her pets in Chile

Have you abandoned your pets?

Maura Rivera has been the subject of criticism and questioning on social networks since she announced her move to Miami with her family.

Many users have asked what will happen to their pets, especially after the dancer shared the arrival of one of her dogs, Blak, on Instagram.

Faced with persistent questions, Rivera responded energetically on her social networks, stating that she will take all her pets to their new home.

In a video shared on her Instagram stories, the dancer showed three kennels with her remaining pets and assured that they were already at the airport, ready to travel. In addition, she asked her followers not to question her further on the subject.

To end the misunderstanding, the former Red participant showed the arrival of her pets in Miami, taking reels from each of the quadrupeds in the home to show that they arrived in excellent health and spirits.

Simba’s story

Maura Rivera has also received support and praise for her love of animals, especially her dog Simba. The dancer adopted Simba after finding him on the street in a deplorable state when he was a puppy. Since then, Simba has been a part of the family and has been featured in several of Rivera’s social media posts.

The reason behind the move

Maura Rivera explained that insecurity in Chile was one of the main reasons behind her decision to move to Miami with her family. According to the dancer, the area in which they lived in Chile was experiencing an increase in crime, which made her feel unsafe, especially since she now has two children.

Maura also highlighted the sense of peace of mind she now feels in Miami, where she doesn’t need to worry as much about security. According to the dancer, the houses in Miami do not have bars, which means that she can be more relaxed in her own home.