They broke up after a three-year relationship: the singer’s long letter

They broke up after a three-year relationship: the singer’s long letter breaks the hearts of the couple’s fans.

“A little over three years ago I met the most extraordinary human being of all. That day my life changed and I am deeply grateful for every single moment we have lived together since then ”. Thus began the long letter from one of the most beloved singers of the moment. A letter through which, via social media, he announced the end of his relationship.

They broke up after a three-year relationship: the long letter from the singer breaks the hearts of fans (Credits Instagram)

The news broke the hearts of fans, who have been following and lovingly supporting the couple for three years. Let’s find out the details of the breakup.

It ended after three years: they broke up, the announcement of the famous singer

“Thanks to this person I learned what it means to love unconditionally. Through his eyes I learned to love myself, to feel beautiful, to feel accepted by accepting myself “. These are touching words, those that appeared in the past few hours on the social profile of Benjamin Mascolo. The singer, formerly of the duo Benji and Fede, announced through a letter on Instagram the end of his story with Bella Thorne.

A little over a year after the marriage proposal, the two officially broke up. Benji’s letter contains the pain of the moment, but no grudge: “Relationships are born and die, like people, it is the natural cycle of life and I have fully accepted it.”. The singer underlines how the breakup is not to be interpreted as a failure, but it was simply destined to go like this: “I wish only the best to this person and I will always be close to her”. What did she say?

benjamin mascolo bella thorne
Benjamin Mascolo and Bella Thorne (Credits Instagram)

After the publication of Benjamin’s letter, the actress publishes a selfie in her stories, to which she attaches a very specific message: “I broke up with Ben for my reasons, stop asking me, it’s a personal matter”. The message was also shared by the singer, who asked to give her ex the space and respect her privacy. And you, are you sorry for this breakup?