They compared Carolina Arregui with “Doña Florinda” and the networks exploded

Carolina Arregui She is one of the most beloved actresses in the country, although there is never a lack of someone who comes with her criticism. Mayte Rodríguez’s mother is taking all the applause in her role as Mariana, in Juego de Ilusiones, Mega’s daytime soap opera. It is that this past Tuesday, she lived one of the most impressive moments of fiction.

Carolina Arregui She went down to the bunker to demand an explanation from Julián (Julio Milostich) for the ransom note that Irene (Loreto Valenzuela) had found, but when she arrived, she found her terrified husband in a corner after her attempt to reveal that one of the walls was a secret door that hid one of Nadir’s biggest secrets.

This past weekend, happy with the success of the soap opera, the well-known actress shared a photo session entitled “Peaceful Sunday”. It is that these Easter, the ex of Oscar Rodríguez, posed with a beautiful blue bathing suit. Once again the haters of instagram They came to criticize her body: “The photos don’t do her much good,” “You’re pretty but you’re too skinny, sweetheart,” “Tremendous actress, but she’s very thin, she looked better amr.”

Carolina Arregui posed this Sunday. Source: Instagram @carito_arregui

Most of the comments referred to her lack of weight: “You’re pretty but very skinny…it makes you look older”, “I love you but you’re too skinny and it doesn’t look good”. But one of the comments that made her laugh was the one who compared her to an iconic character from ‘El Chavo del 8’. “Mrs. Florinda?” wrote a follower of her and the actress’s fans immediately defended her.

Carolina Arregui. Source: Instagram @carito_arregui

Taking the profile photo of the man who compared it as a starting point, the followers of instagram of Carolina They left messages like “She is better than your wife”, “Better than the Chilindrina who is with you”. Dozens of fans also defended her with comments like “You are beautiful before and after, let the negative messages pass! These are people who are not happy with themselves and must unleash their poison on everything they see, they never find anything good, you are and you will be the best actress in Chile, live and be happy! Blessings !” and “Take a deep breath and repeat: I SHOULD NOT CRITICIZE OTHER PEOPLE’S BODIES.”

Carolina Arregui was compared to ‘Doña Florinda’. Source: Instagram @carito_arregui