They deliver more than 300,000 pesos to the owner of this old Chilean 20-peso coin

If you are the lucky owner of an old currency of 20 Chilean pesos minted in 1926, you could win an impressive sum of 300,000 Chilean pesos. This coin, known as the Chile Moneda 20 Pesos 1926 KM-168 AU Oro 900 – 4.07gr, is attracting the attention of collectors and numismatic enthusiasts.

Recently, a significant increase in the value of these coins has been observed in the market. With a weight of 4.07 grams and a gold purity of 900 thousandths, the coin has acquired a historical value and numismatic considerable. The demand for these pieces has driven their price to amazing levels.

Currency. Source: argocollectibles numismatics.

In an online auction specialized in antique objects and numismatists, a coin from this same series reached the staggering figure of 300,000 Chilean pesos. The high value of the currency was influenced by the current exchange rate, where 400 USD is equivalent to 322,000 Chilean pesos. The 1926 Chilean 20 peso coin has become a coveted treasure among collectors. Its distinctive design and unique history make it a highly valued piece. If you own one of these coins, you could be sitting on a real treasure that could change your life.

Dollars. Source: Pexels

It is important to note that the state of conservation of the coin also influences its value. Those coins that are in an excellent state of preservation can fetch even higher prices on the market. If you are the lucky owner of a 1926 Chilean 20 peso coin, we recommend that you seek advice from numismatic experts. They will be able to properly assess the condition and value of your coin, giving you an accurate estimate of how much you could get if you decide to sell it.

The numismatics It is a fascinating field that has captivated many people around the world. Discovering that an ancient coin in your possession can be worth a considerable sum is exciting and can open up new financial opportunities. So check your collections, you could be sitting on a fortune!