“They don’t let me work anymore”: beloved face of television launches the accusation

“This is why they no longer make me work”: the beloved face of television launches the accusation and explains the reason.

In the last few hours this fairly substantial news has circulated following an interview with the same protagonist of the story. A beloved face of Italian television has in fact issued some statements to Il Fatto newspaper. In them he told of having a dispute with Rai.

Face TV accusation (credits. Youtube)

But for what reason? According to the words of the famous musician as well as conductor, he asked the company for the rights of everything he has done in these years of work for the various broadcasts that have seen his presence. He until today he says he has not received the rights. He reveals that it was he, for example, who composed the music for the show La prova del cuoco, which has not been on the air for a few years.

“All the music production and recordings that were used in that program were made by me entirely and in total autonomy“, He explained during the interview. You asked for the rights of what was carried out and, having not received an ‘answer’, you started a dispute.

“This is why they no longer make me work”: the beloved face of television launches the accusation and explains the reason

He gave an interview to Il Fatto newspaper in which he revealed that he has an ongoing dispute with Rai. It would seem, according to what he stated, that the company would not have given him the rights to what has been completed in recent years, such as for the music of the La prova del cuoco program. He revealed that he composed them himself and in total autonomy: “All the music production and recordings were made entirely by me and in total autonomy “, he told.

He asked for the rights in this regard but nothing. Beppe Vessicchio has thus decided to take another path, for this he turned to a judge. In the interview, the conductor and musician explained that for this reason they no longer let him work in Rai: “And that’s why they don’t let me work anymore. The clause (I call it ‘deterrent’) has been activated, according to which those who have disputes with the Rai cannot have direct contracts in place with the company ”. Here, this would be the reason why he cannot work in Rai, having chosen to contact a judge and start the dispute with the company.

face tv accuses
Launch the accusation (credits: youtube)

Vessicchio also reported that he knows many people who would have collected the rights but there are also many others who have not received them. He does not intend to give up but wants to go all the way even though he defines himself as a ‘little fish’: “I want the truth to come out, if I was wrong or not Rai must not decide ”.