They eat mushrooms cooked by her and die: daughter-in-law arrested

Her ex-husband was also supposed to attend the lunch but he canceled due to a last minute commitment

49-year-old Erin Patterson was arrested in connection with the deaths of her ex-husband’s parents and another woman. The Australian lady is suspected of having poisoned them with a lunch of fillet and poisonous mushrooms at the end of July as reported by ‘The Guardian’. The story shook the small town of Leongatha, about a hundred kilometers from Melbourne.

The one who survived among the guests was a reverend who fought for a long time between life and death and then had to undergo a liver transplant. Only the cook, Erin Patterson, did not feel ill and this led the police to suspect that she might have wanted to kill them. On the other hand, the lady has always professed herself to be innocent and she declares that she bought the mushrooms, some fresh and some dried, in two different shops in the area.

The investigations also revealed that the woman also attempted to kill her ex-spouse between November 2021 and September 2022. Among the guests at the fatal lunch there was also her ex-husband, but for a last minute commitment moment he had to cancel.