They finally get married: “We fulfill our dream after 12 years of engagement”

The two lovebirds finally get married: the couple told on TV that they are making their dream come true after 12 years of engagement.

A few weeks have passed since the beloved couple from Mediaset got married after more than 10 years of engagement, but now two other very young lovebirds have revealed on TV that they are making their big dream come true.

Surprise announcement. Credits: Mediaset

“We fulfill our great dream after 12 years of engagement”, it is with these words that the two young boys announced that finally they get married. A truly incredible announcement, as you can clearly understand, that made the entire studio audience explode with joy.

Who says that love stories that have lasted a long time are destined to end? In fact, there are those who, after having shared many years together and a piece of life, cannot help but continue their journey in two, deciding to get married. This is what two very young lovers told in a well-known TV program.

After 12 years of engagement they finally get married: great joy for them

The announcement was so surprising that the audience of Canale 5, as soon as these words were announced, could not help but cheer. Arrived in the famous Mediaset broadcast to show everyone their talent, the two very young lovebirds have revealed a sensational news of the coming months: yes marry! 12 years after their first meeting and the birth of their love, the couple has chosen to take the big step!

Did you also watch the Saturday 1 October episode of Tu si que vales? Aired on Canale 5 starting at about 9:30 pm, the third episode of the Saturday evening show gave its audience numerous performances that left their mouths speechless. Among this, there was also the performance of Lorena and Simone, two very young boys suffering from down syndrome who made everyone excited to the sound of merengue.

As soon as their performance is over, the two lovebirds have announced that they are making their biggest dream come true: almost 12 years after their engagement, Lorena and Simone will get married on June 3rd.

Simone and Lorena. Credits: Mediaset Play

Best wishes to this very young couple!