They made peace: 15 years have passed since that fierce fight on live TV

Their live fight has remained in the history of TV, but after 15 years the two famous characters have finally made peace.

If there is one thing on television that never stops producing the so-called ‘surprise effect’, it is certainly the quarrels. In almost 70 years, the Italian public has seen many and even the most unthinkable programs. One of the most recent, for example, was the one between Vittorio Sgarbi and Giampiero Mughiniwhich ended up in the hands during an episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show a few months ago.

They make up after quarrel (Credits: Youtube)

A separate chapter are the reality shows, a territory of clashes par excellence, where the more you fight, the more the interest of viewers is ignited. Let it be the GF Vip, The Pupa and the Nerdy Show, Friendthe, X Factor or The Island of the Famous, the list is quite long. Just two characters who were part of an old edition of The Island of the Famous they were protagonists, 15 years ago, in one of the most fierce discussions that have ever aired and in fact since then the relationship between them had been interrupted.

But, as they say, it is never too late and so today the two have announced via social media that they have made peace. It happened during a cultural event in which both of them participated. In the video posted on Instagram you can review a piece of what happened then: despite the fact that so much time has passed, those images remain a cult!

They had a live historical dispute: “We have clarified”, the announcement

For many years L’Isola dei Famosi was broadcast by Rai Due and everyone knows that the first presenter in the history of reality TV was Simona Ventura. It was she, back in 2007, who quarreled furiously from the studio with a former castaway in Honduras.

We are sure that at this point you will have understood: the former competitor was Alessandro Cecchi Paone! It all began due to the reporter’s refusal to nominate, an essential element of any reality show. The presenter jumped up like never before, but Cecchi Paone appeared adamant at her decision.

The two talked of all colors: how can we forget the iconic phrase of the Ventura “You can put your arrogance wherever you want”? Since the journalist still did not want to respect the regulation, saying that in his life he had never voted against anyone and had no intention of starting The Island, SuperSimo he read the rules (signed by all the competitors in the contract) live.

Since then, between the ‘tiger of Chivasso’ and the former director of Tg4, the cold fell, but here, after the beauty of 15 years, the reconciliation has taken place. The two had the opportunity to meet during the third edition of LA TERRAZZA DELLA DOLCE VITA, a series of cultural events of which Simona and her partner Giovanni Terzi are the organizers and presidents.

The event takes place at the Grand Hotel in Rimini and was introduced by Alessandro himself. He and the famous presenter were thus able to talk and clarify. “We cleared up after 15 years, right Alessandro ?! Friends forever ”, reads the post published on Instagram by Simona under the video of the dispute.

“Can we finally say that you read the contract and therefore wanted to provoke? Can we say it after so many years? ”, Added the beloved Rai face. “Of course, you teach me that reality shows require twists,” replied Cecchi Paone.

lite live
They quarreled live, peace made (Credits: Instagram)

All is well that ends well, then. Do you remember that episode?