They offer up to 160 thousand euros for these ancient coins; check its features

The passion for conservation coins and old tickets has become a favorite hobby for many people. Some may have a little hidden treasure without even knowing it, as collectors are willing to pay large sums of money in dollars and euros for those pieces considered historic and with great sentimental value.

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In the case of Spain, the pesetas they were in circulation for over a century, approximately 130 years. Even today, there are hundreds of pesetas around the world. Collectors view these antiquities as pieces of living history and are therefore willing to pay large sums of money if they are in a good state of preservation.

The value of the coins pesetas depends on several factors. Some considerations that buyers take into account are the rarity, the number of copies manufactured, the state of conservation, the year of release and the possible errors that they may present. Among the most valued pesetas coins is the 100 pesetas coin. This coin is known to have fetched a price of over €160,000 at auction. Only 12 examples of this coin were made, which were used as a tribute to Amadeo I of Savoy, crowned king in 1871. Currently, only eight of these examples are known.

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Other ticket The oldest bill that could be worth a small fortune is the 1000 pesetas bill, created in 1895, with the face of the Count of Gabarrús on one of its sides. This collector’s note begins its auction with a bid of €1,500 and can reach a value of up to €2,500. The 50 cent coins, made in 1949, also have great market value. These coins show the coat of arms of the Franco regime on one side and the face of Francisco Franco on the other. Specimens in good condition can fetch prices between €1,800 and €1,400.

It is important to note that these values ​​are for reference only and may vary based on market conditions and collector demand. if you own coins old or rare notes in good condition, it might be worth doing more research on their value and considering selling them at specialized auctions. You never know how much you could get for those little historical treasures you keep at home.