They reached the pinnacle of success with ‘Drive In’: what are the Trettrè doing today? Not everyone imagines it

Everyone remembers the Trectré, but what are they doing today? Years have passed since their ‘goodbye’: not everyone imagines what happened next.

It’s really impossible not to keep them in mind! We are talking about them: i Trectrè, historic comedy trio that achieved impressive success from the 80s to the 90s.

Loved by everyone, but what are the Trettré doing today? Photo Source: Youtube

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The comic trio, perhaps not everyone knows, had a different line-up from the one that reached the pinnacle of success with the ‘Drive In’ program. To be part of it since its inception, in fact, there were Beppe Vessicchio, historical conductor, Mirko Setaro and Edoardo Romano. In the middle of his career, however, the good Vessicchio decided to abandon his friends. And to turn his attention to the music. Its place, as is well known, was taken by Gino Cogliandro. It is he who, together with the good Setaro and Romano, took part in several successful television programs and then landed, in 1983, at ‘Drive In’. Since that time, their career has never stopped. Beloved and very popular, the three comedians have entertained millions of Italians. What do we know, however, today on them?

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What are the Trectrés doing today? Not everyone knows

From Drive In, therefore, the career of the legendary Trectrè literally took off. Undisputed protagonists, both as conductors and as actors, of very different television programs, the comedy group has been able to collect a truly impressive success. However, everything beautiful is destined to end. And, around the 90s, the group decided to disband. To today, However, what do we know about them? Having ascertained that, as revealed by the good Roman to RTL 102.5 in recent months, the three comedians continue to feel and be friends, are you curious to know what they do today?

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From what we learn from the web, it would seem that each of them has taken a different path. In particular, it would seem that Mirko Setaro has collaborated as an author for several Mediaset programs. Edoardo Romano, on the other hand, took part in a film by Diego Abatantuono in 2004. And, finally, Gino Cogliandro was not only a correspondent for Forum for 8 years, but he also took part in the cast of Buona Domenica, he continued his acting as an actor in the theater and has participated in several Mediaset advertisements.

Trectré today
Photo Source: Youtube

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