They reveal supposed remember between Pinigol and Gissella Gallardo after controversial love break

In 2022, after various rumors, the couple of Mauricio Pinilla and Gissella Gallardo confirmed their separation on social networks, which unleashed a series of events that became a recurring theme in show business and on social networks.

However, as suggested in the program Star Zonethat whole episode would have been in the past.

According to La Cuarta, the journalist Paul Candianeighbors of Chicureo assure that the couple would have smoothed out rough edges, would have forgiven each other and would have been seen walking hand in hand.

In addition, it is believed that the meeting would have occurred because Mauricio had covid, had a hard time and had to resort to Gisella’s care. They would have seen each other in Las Brisas de Chicureo.

Daniela Aránguiz provided more details by saying that her ex-husband, Jorge Valdivia, mentioned having seen Pinilla rejecting an invitation to go out for coffee because “he returned with Gissella”.

“Talking with my ex-husband (Jorge Valdivia) he told me that he was going out with Mauro (Pinilla) to have a coffee and he told him no, that he was going home because he returned with Gissella,” Aránguiz added.

Although Gallardo denied having returned with him, Paula Escobar mentioned that the rapprochement would have occurred due to the death of Gissella’s father, who was very dear to Mauricio.

Mauricio Pinilla appears in the image with Gisella’s father/ Instagram: @ pinigol9