They reveal the reason why Nicolás Cabré, the former China Suárez, was admitted

Nicholas Cabre is the Argentine actor who was in a relationship for a few years with China Suarez, with whom he had his first daughter: Rufina. The actors currently maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of the girl, whose possession they share. In recent days, the rumor spread that the former “Casi Ángeles” stopped following him on Instagram because he did not follow her.

a few days ago I will fit He had already announced on his networks that he did not feel in good health: “Today I am going to tell you… that after several attempts, I decided that the best thing is not to run the Buenos Aires Half Marathon. The knee would not be helping and he asks for rest. Surely the race, the adrenaline or the desire to do something that I enjoy, would make me reach the end. But it will most likely hurt me worse and make it hurt more.”

In the last few hours, the journalist Luis Ventura reported the actor’s state of health in the program “A la tarde”. “Today they hospitalized and operated on Nicholas Cabre”. And he added: “The hospitalization was in the Trinidad de San Isidro sanatorium. And he was operated on for an injury that he has in one of his knees: the issue is a meniscus tear, which is why he was hospitalized and had an operation”.

the former of China Suarez He enjoys playing sports, beyond acting: “Beyond his profession, he has been participating in athletic competitions and marathoning for a long time. So, many times he runs on non-ideal surfaces and this generated a game in his knee, which brought him complications in order to continue fulfilling his sports responsibilities”.

This is how Nicolás Cabré is today. Source: Instagram @nicolascabre80

This Tuesday, I will fit He shared a photo of his recently operated leg on his Instagram account. “Hello everyone. Here I am Perfect, without pain at least. I thought it had stopped Just… not anymore, haha. I stopped when the little finger said enough. Things that happen. Now it only remains to recover and return as soon as possible, passing the objectives forward. I’ll be counting, that beautiful things can come. Hugs for everyone and thanks for the messages!!” It was the message with which the actor gave his fans peace of mind.