They reveal the state of health of Karol G after his fall on stage in Miami

Colombian singer Carol G The 32-year-old is still in the middle of his international tour called Strip Love Tour and last weekend he was with his iconic show in the city of Miami. Everything was going well until Bichota tripped and fell on stage, she got up quickly but apparently she had consequences.

“I don’t know what happens in Miami… but I’m just going to tell you one thing, every time I come to Miami, Carol G It’s going to fall, so we’re going to enjoy it the same way, “said the singer in the middle of a show while showing that a stumble is not a fall and that nothing ruins her shows.

Carol G He had already had an accident on this stage called FTX Arena in Miami, United States. This time she rolled down the stairs that had part of the set and was able to get up in a few seconds, but once the presentation was made, it was learned that the singer ended up with bruises and injured nails, since she tried to hold on to them.

Yes ok Carol G He has no serious consequences from his fall and will be able to continue with his sold-out tour without problems, he had a bad time. The video quickly went viral on the camera’s social network and Colombian fans were concerned.

Karol G. Source: Terra archive

Carol G She always makes people talk in her presentations, although now the reason was not happy, previously she has been in the news for giving away dollars to the attendees in the middle of an impromptu dance contest and also because one of her fans asked her to marry him live and she turned down because he doesn’t want commitment.