They reveal the worrying state of health of Marc Anthony

The singer Mark Anthony The 53-year-old is one of the great Latin figures with international projection, without going any further, last month he finished an intense tour of Europe where he was accompanied by his future wife, the Paraguayan model Nadia Ferrera and now he’s in the middle of a break.

Mark Anthony He will resume his shows in the middle of this month and will arrive with his songs in Colombia and then go through other Latin American countries. Meanwhile he relaxes and enjoys with friends in Miami, this week he was seen on a yacht with David and Romeo Beckham.

Mark Anthony He is very close to the Beckham family, who spends a large part of his days in Miami because the former player owns the Inter Miami soccer club and his eldest son plays there. On this occasion they were all sunbathing and enjoying the sea when the paparazzi immortalized the moment.

Marc Anthony in his last appearance. Source: instagram @yucatv

Immediately, the photos of Mark Anthony They went viral on social networks and a large part of their fans worried about their health due to their physical appearance. future husband of Nadia Ferrera He looks skinny in the pictures, has messy hair, and proudly sports his tattoos.

Mark Anthony. Source: instagram @quiencom

Mark Anthony He showed himself with a beard and accessories on his body and Internet users divided opinions between those who claim that he is very thin and could even be suffering from an illness and those who claim that he was always thin because of his build.