They revealed in detail what happened to the health of Shakira’s mother

The entertainment world was shocked to learn that the mother of Shakira, Nidia Ripoll, had suffered a thrombosis in one of her legs that led her to be transferred to a medical center in Barcelona. However, the good news is that the doctors managed to rule out that the clot did not reach her brain, indicating that the singer’s mother is out of danger.

Although little is known about Nidia’s health, Tonino, Nidia’s brother ShakiraHe assured that everything is fine and that his mother is already at home receiving specialized medical attention. The singer-songwriter has not given details about her mother’s state of health, but it is expected that she will soon rule on the matter.

The thrombosis Deep vein vein is a condition that occurs when a blood clot forms in a deep vein in the body, usually in the legs. If not treated early, it can be fatal, as the clot can break off and travel through the bloodstream to the lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism. That’s why it’s important to watch for symptoms, such as swelling, pain, and redness in the affected leg, and seek immediate medical attention.

The Shakira’s mother she was lucky to have been diagnosed on time and receive the appropriate treatment to avoid major complications. However, this situation reminds us of the importance of taking care of our health and being alert to any symptoms that may indicate a possible disease.

In addition, it is important to highlight the work of the doctors and health professionals who attended the mother of Shakira, Nidia Ripoll and managed to save her life. At times like this, it is essential to have an efficient health system and trained professionals committed to their work.

The fans let him know the love for Shakira and how they hope that their mother continues to recover satisfactorily and can return to her daily routine soon. The singer, for her part, will have the support of her family and her Instagram fans in this difficult time.