They revealed the delicate state of health of Jorge Valdivia, after being hospitalized

Jorge Valdivia He is admitted to the Psychiatric Unit of the Catholic University Clinic after suffering a nervous breakdown. It is worth mentioning that the athlete arrived at the venue by his own means, after suffering a nervous breakdown. According to what was reported by the newspaper La Hora, his ex-wife, Daniela Aranguizis monitoring the situation.

In this sense, it is worth remembering that Valdivia It has gone through some difficult months. His loving separation from his partner Daniela Aranguiz, with whom he has had a public dispute that even led to the announcement of complaints. In addition, the arrest of him by the Carabineros last January, where the deputy Maite Orsini was also involved, with whom the former player contacted to report what happened.

Jorge Valdivia is a commentator in some sports media. Source: Instagram @jorgitovaldivia

At the moment, from the Catholic University Clinic they have not referred to the state of health of Jorge Valdivia, while the athlete’s circle is kept under complete secrecy. In recent days, the 2015 American champion has been absent from his work as a commentator on ESPN and ADN radio. His health problems prevented him from working this weekend.

aranguiz published on social networks a heartfelt statement about the marital breakdown with Valdivia. In that post, the panelist for the Zona Latina channel hinted at her decision to turn the page on her husband, after two decades of relationship. “Today is a painful moment for my heart. Today I decided to never look back. I take off my armor because it weighs me down, I’m tired, I hope the wounds don’t take long to heal.”

The message of Valdivia’s ex-wife on her social networks. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

In the first instance, they would have given anxiolytic drugs to Valdivia to stabilize it. Later, the doctors would determine the hospitalization in the health facility. So far, the diagnosis remains reserved and his medical discharge is being evaluated.