They revealed the state of health of Karol G after the accident in full concert

Last Friday, November 26, Karol G was giving a concert at the FTX Arena, in Miami, as part of his ‘Bichota Tour’. While performing the song “Now I’m calling”, which is originally in collaboration with Bad Bunny, the Colombian fell down the stairs with her high boots.

Although everyone cared, finally Karol G is in good health. This was revealed by his soulmate and tour partner, Daiky Gamboa, who shared a video from the Colombian’s Instagram account. The young man showed one by one the marks of the accident: “I have to tell you the following: that neither this, nor this, nor these, nor what is left of this knee, nor this, oh this is new, not even this one will suit us to stop because today the house falls in PR ”.

“The nail!” reminded him Karol G, so Daiky continued: “The nail that we already fixed my love, thanks to the girl who fixed it.” And he concluded by assuring that he is in good health, although with some injuries: “And I have to tell you that ‘the girl from Medellín’ is intact to break in PR, and then for medical emergencies but first to break.”

In the Instagram video, the Colombian was smiling and calm, leaving behind the episode of the fall of Miami. In addition, he shared an image getting off a plane and with a message that said: “I did not fall from these stairs, so today we break PR.”

Source: Instagram @karolg

This Saturday, Karol G marked a milestone at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in Puerto Rico with a sold-out crowd at his first concert. In the middle of the show in that country, the interpreter of ‘200 cups’ did not stop dancing, despite her terrible fall. Before the dedicated public, the Colombian assured that she did not care about the accident because she was in “the fucking Coliseum.”