They say that Marc Anthony finds Ben Affleck, the new husband of his EX, Jennifer Lopez, ‘SUSPECT’

The ex-husband of Jennifer LopezPuerto Rican singer Mark Anthonydo not trust Ben Affleck and has become “protective” of J.Lo and her children, according to a press report.

A source revealed to Online Radar that the singer of “Aguanilé” has “heard too much” about the aggressive behavior of the star of Argo in the past.

The source said that the singer-songwriter has become concerned and “suspicion” of Affleck and with this he has taken a much more “protective” role of López and the children he shares with the singer, the young Max Y Emme.

“Marc heard too much about how Ben became cranky and out of control to think it was a great idea to get back together with him all these years later”said the source.

When did Marc Anthony break up with Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer Lopez got married with Anthony in 2004, just nine months after ending his commitment to Ben Affleck. The duo later divorced after 10 years of marriage in 2014.

The new life of Jennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck

The ex-lovers’ twins have become a blended family with the three children of affleck with jennifer garner (with whom JLO gets along very well by the way)What are they purple, seraphina Y Samuel. And this new family was born precisely after he rekindled his romance with López after 17 years.

This of the Marc Anthony concern rumors comes after a source told the outlet that Lopez and Affleck have been struggling to settle in married life after their dream wedding, as “honeymoon bliss is fading fast.”

The source said that the couple finds it difficult to bring their families together and at the same time focus on their respective careers which are too demanding.