They separated after 10 years of relationship: now the truth about her comes out

They separated after 10 years of relationship, but only now does the truth emerge: his words touch everyone’s heart, what he said.

Never like this summer, we have had the certainty that even the greatest loves, the lasting and solid ones, can run into the whirlwind of the crisis and, unfortunately, come out completely defeated. This is what happened to Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti after 20 years of marriage – about which we told you a last twist – but also to another beloved couple.

It’s over. Credits: Instagram

The news about their ‘goodbye’ after 10 years of relationship had already been circulating for some time, but only when the person directly involved officially intervened was it confirmed that everything that was being said about them was truth and not pure invention.

Yes. I am separated after 10 years of love and two wonderful children: news that, even at the time, left everyone stunned. And that even now gives the chills. Several months after the end of his love story, the beloved face intervened, telling the whole truth about him.

Separated after 10 years of love: only now tell the truth

If for Brad Pitt the separation from Angelina Jolie made him suffer a lot and gave him the impetus to start a ‘new life’, even for his beloved face it was not at all easy to roll up his sleeves after the end of his love story. . To tell everything in the smallest detail, it was the direct interested on the pages of Elle. Several months after the end of her love story, the singer told the whole truth about her separation from her partner. And how she is today. She has not uttered words at all about the rumors of betrayal involving the father of her two children and her current relationship, but you can clearly understand her state of mind.

Many will have been saddened by the separation of Shakira and Piqué after 10 years of relationship. On the other hand, even this news came like a real bolt from the blue. It was for all the fans of the couple, but also for herself, who told Elle that it is really difficult to talk about it. “It was hard not only for me, but also for my children. It was incredibly difficult “, he said.

What Shakira did for her relationship

Even before talking about her breakup, Shakira couldn’t help but bring to mind everything she has done for her relationship. “I was living a nomadic life”, said the singer. But when her children started growing up and going to school in Barcelona – the city where Piqué played – Shakira realized that her life was there. And that was where she had to stay. “Or it would have been he who had to leave his career with Barcelona to come with me to the USA, or the other way around”, has explained.

separated after 10 years
Shakira Pique. Credits: Instagram

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