THEY SEPARATED: Anuel confirmed the end of his relationship with Yailin la Más Viral

The reggaeton singer anuel aahas confirmed that his relationship with Yailin the Most Viral has come to an end. Ever since they went public with their romance, netizens have been critical and have speculated about the true nature of their relationship.

Anuel, however, always defended his ex-girlfriend and, in a viral video on social networks, he spoke about the situation and his frustration with all the criticism.

The end of the relationship between Anuel AA and Yailín La Más Viral

The relationship of the singers Anuel and Yailin has been a recurring theme on social networks and in the media since they made their romance public. Since then, Internet users have left strong criticism and assured that the relationship was a facade. However, Anuel has defended his girlfriend on several occasions and, last year, they got married and are expecting a soon-to-be-born daughter.

For a few weeks now, the rumors of a break have been reaffirmed due to the detachment of the singer and the little presence of both in the networks. Despite this, the couple denied the information and published a photo showing off their love.

However, Anuel himself confirmed today in a live broadcast that their relationship has come to an end. “Yailin and I are no longer together because of things in life. Sad that she is pregnant and we could have a family under the same roof, but because of things in life we ​​are not together,” the singer said in his broadcast.

Anuel also defended himself against the criticism and rumors that have surrounded his relationship from the beginning and assured that he is not crazy to leave his daughter’s mother helpless. The “Dry Law” interpreter explained that he has values ​​and that his love for Yailin is real.

Despite the end of their relationship, Anuel was excited by the arrival of his daughter and assured that they will continue to be connected for her well-being. The couple began their relationship at the end of January 2022 and since then they have shown their love and excitement for the arrival of their daughter.

When did Anuel and Yailín’s relationship begin?

The couple began dating in January 2022 and got married the same year, expecting the arrival of a daughter together. However, in recent months, the breakup rumors have intensified due to the lack of presence on social networks and the detachment of the singer.

Anuel did not explain why he separated from Yailín

The artist did not give many details about what happened between him and Yailin, but he assured that he is not leaving his daughter’s mother helpless. Anuel claimed to be a man with values ​​and not someone who would simply abandon his partner and his daughter without further ado.