“They thought I was going to die”: the rapper’s creepy drama

“They thought I was going to die”: the famous rapper recounts the drama he experienced when they believed he would not make it.

The famous rapper told what happened during his hospitalization, happened a year ago. In an interview he explained that the doctors thought he was going to die. He says that at that time due to pandemic restrictions for covid-19, no one could go up to see it.

Rapper drama (credits: instagram)

He was alone in a hospital room not fully understanding what was happening and what his condition was. But what happened? The artist was hospitalized following an aneurysm and was in very serious condition. His condition was such that the doctors thought he would not make it: “They thought that soon I would die.”

During his hospitalization which lasted about two weeks, it was very difficult for him due to the severity of his condition. He said they woke him up every hour because they had to check, because of ‘what was going on in his brain’: “They had to wake me up every hour, every hour “. To date, a year has passed since that bad moment and the famous rapper has told what he experienced during those days.

“They thought I was going to die”: the rapper’s drama, tells of the bad moment he lived

Last year the famous rapper was hospitalized due to an aneurysm and his condition was very serious to the point that the doctors thought he would die shortly thereafter. He said in an interview that no one could go up to his hospital room to see him, due to covid-19 restrictions.

But at a certain point he saw his family around without understanding the reason, which he later discovered later: “I’m in the hospital and they haven’t allowed anyone to go up to Covid”he said, saying that they had then allowed his family to enter: “I only found out after they had called them so they could give me their last farewell because they thought that soon I would be dead”. Apparently given his condition, the doctors thought that he would die and for this reason they asked his family to say goodbye to him for the last time.. Dr Dre was life threatening last year due to an aneurysm. He was hospitalized in serious condition. He says that he did not know the seriousness of his state of him and only learned it when he saw his family there around him for the last farewell.

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Rapper’s drama “: (credits: instagram)

Those two weeks in the hospital were tough, he was woken up every hour for checkups because of what was going on in his brain. They gave him tests that, he explains, looked like sobriety tests: “Like I had to touch a nose, rub the heel on the calf and things like that.” One year after his hospitalization, today he is fine.