They were more than 10 years apart, but what happened after 90 days of falling in love? Hard to believe

They met at 90 days to fall in love and decided to get married despite the age difference, but what happened next?

Without a doubt, you will remember them! We are talking about one of the couples who took part in the second season of 90 days to fall in love. Determined to get involved and test their feelings, the two boys met on the program. And, later, they decided to get married!

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Over the course of these weeks, we have brought back to you the stories of several 90-day participants to fall in love with. Some, as told in several of our articles, are still a couple and, together with their children, form perfect families. Others, however, have decided to separate and say ‘goodbye’ some time after their participation in the program. What happened, however, to the protagonists of this article? Established that their history is rather particular not only for theirs age difference, but also for the distance, you are curious to know what happened after 90 days to fall in love? We will take care of telling you everything. Although, we anticipate, we will tell you about a real twist.

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What happened after 90 days to fall in love, did the age difference affect? Twist of the scene

In the end it’s really true: some loves make huge turns and then come back! This is exactly what happened to the couple who are the protagonists of our articles. Undisputed protagonists of the second edition of 90 days to fall in love, Cassia and Jason have chosen to stay together and get married. In spite of theirs age difference, he was 38 years old at the time and she was about 25, and of their distance, the two very young boys had decided to get married all the same. What do we know about them now, though? Am I still a couple years after their marriage?

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Apparently, Jason and Cassia are no longer husband and wife today! One thing, however, needs to be clarified: from what we learn from the web, it would seem that the couple has experienced various ups and downs. And that, after already an attempt at separation, he has decided to try again. Now, however, the final farewell has arrived. Think, in recent months, Cassia has shown herself on social media next to another boy. But even with him, apparently, it would seem over.

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