‘Think of me’ arrives on the Inps website, a few clicks to see the pension options

It’s called ‘Pensami’ – acronym for ‘Pension to measure’ – the application now available on the INPS website: a service that – explains the institute – “in line with the digital transformation in progress, towards simple and increasingly more close to the citizen “serves” to assist and accompany users to understand their future retirement “. In fact, thanks to ‘Pensami’ the user can view the possible pension scenarios that lie ahead and therefore orient himself among the various possibilities linked to his particular position. The application is divided into three levels to be followed in an obligatory sequence, which provide information on the prospects for accessing the pension that is gradually more in-depth in the face of more specific questions.

At the first level, based on a few simple questions, the service provides information on the main pension benefits which the applicant can access by evaluating the entire contribution, with details on the calculation system applied. The second level, indicating the contribution periods in the various managements, provides the theoretical starting date of the services contemplated in the first level, as well as the additional benefits that can be obtained from each management. The third level allows you to make use of some institutions that affect the right and the pension calculation system (for example, military service, valorisation of contributions credited to professional funds, etc.) and to visualize their effects on your pension scenarios. Throughout the process, the user has the opportunity to clarify doubts by means of specific information notes and, if he wishes, to deepen the pension institutions by means of specific links to the benefit sheets on the institutional website www.inps.it.

The service was designed making use of direct dialogue with users from the earliest stages of design, in order to ensure maximum ease of use and has been updated with respect to the latest legislative innovations regarding access to early retirement (i.e. ‘and’ share 102 ‘). The ‘Pensami’ service can be reached without registration at https://serviziweb2.inps.it/AS0207/SimScePen/ or from the website www.inps.it by clicking on Performance and services, then on ‘Services’ and then on ‘Think ME – Retirement Scenario Simulator’.