ThinkPhone, from Motorola the smartphone made for work

Smartphones of all types are presented every week. However, what we are talking about in this article is different from the others: it is a smartphone made especially for those who work, for professionals, for employees. It’s called ThinkPhone by Motorola and it’s a phone that we really appreciated for its innovative features and style. A telephone “on steroids” as regards some technical specifications, security solutions and integration with PCs. It is a phone, they explained to us from Motorola, designed to offer companies an experience similar to that offered by Lenovo laptops, a company of which Motorola – we remember – is a part. At Sky TG24 we tested Thinkphone by Motorola for two weeks in combination with a Lenovo ThinkBook X1 Carbon.

The main features

ThinkPhone by Motorola is above all a very light phone (only 168 grams) and comfortable to hold; offers a great feeling to the touch thanks to the back finish in aramid fiber and remains firmly in the hands when used. It is sold in Carbon Black color, has IP682 certification for resistance to water splashes, dust, dirt, sand and shallow immersion and is resistant to drops up to 1.5 meters (tested according to MIL STD 810H1 standard ). Android 13 operating system, the processor is a Snapdragon 8+ Gen1, there is an 8 gigabyte Ram memory and 256 gigabyte storage space. The 6.6-inch FHD+ pOLED display with refresh rate up to 144 Hz is very fluid and really easy to read. Super-large 5,000 mAh battery that allows you to work intensely, perhaps on the move, for over a day and with “normal” use, it brilliantly lasts a day and a half. Thanks to the 68W Turbopower charger included in the package, the phone recharges, in our test, from completely off to 100% in about 42 minutes (55% in 15 minutes, 91% in 30); among other things, Motorola also pushes on the fact that with the same quick charger it is possible to charge not only the smartphone but also any laptop that accepts USB-C, a very practical factor when on the move. There is also a good camera compartment: on the back we find a 50 megapixel main lens, a 13 megapixel ultra-wide angle and a depth sensor; on the front side there is instead a 32 megapixel selfie-cam. The photos and videos are of a good standard, which are stabilized and reach up to 8K 30fps quality with the main lens.

Security, software, ecosystem

Among the main features of ThinkPhone is the security suite created with the same ThinkShield technology that guarantees the reliability of Lenovo PCs. You have a hub (Moto Secure) that centralizes all elements of data security and offers recommendations on how to improve it, a separate processor (Moto KeySafe) that runs on Android and adds an extra layer of protection for sensitive data by isolating passwords, encryption keys and PINs from other device data. And more: there are secure app folders (protected with a double password), checks on open Wi-Fi connections, alerts when the device connects to unsafe networks, even a personal space to let other people (or own children) without them changing the work settings.

Among the most interesting features there is also Ready For, ie the ability to connect both to external monitors and multimedia centers (wireless or wired), both PCs and Android tablets to be able to use the smartphone directly from the computer. This is certainly a useful function for those who work as it allows you to centralize everything (even Android apps) on the computer screen and work from a single device, view the contents of the phone on a large screen, use the phone camera as a webcam (useful function for example to frame documents or whiteboards during calls), view notifications in the Windows Action Center, answer phone calls or messages, activate the instant hotspot “on the fly” but also share files or portions of text with the copy paste. Among the features designed especially for productivity, there is also a highly configurable red side key capable of activating the connection to the PC or a predefined app on the fly.

Our test, availability, prices

We really liked the ThinkPhone by Motorola a lot, we found it to be a really well equipped smartphone, ideal for work as a company phone, full of many useful features for employees and professionals. We struggled to find downsides for this product: we point out the impossibility of expanding the memory with external cards and eSIM support. The phone was presented to us during the Italian preview by Carlo Barlocco, Executive Director of Motorola and General Manager for Italy: “ThinkPhone – he explains – is a phone with excellent performance and a processor with processing capabilities that are all the same as those of a PC. This is a phone – he continues – that we offer as the perfect companion for Lenovo PCs: being the market leader especially in B2B and having a very high degree of satisfaction, our message to IT managers, purchasing managers and general managers is this: if our solutions have satisfied you in terms of performance and security, this is the perfect PC companion because it integrates perfectly and has the same support in terms of pre-sales, post-sales and all software integrations”. Barlocco has also recently received the appointment of Head of B2B for Europe and will bring the Italian recipe to other countries: “Precisely because with other devices we have already leveraged the reliability of our products and our assistance – he concludes – also at European level we will interface with all the largest companies by proposing these joint PC-smartphone solutions”. Although ThinkPhone by Motorola is designed to be purchased above all by companies and professionals, and therefore the price depends on many factors, Motorola still wanted to set a list price of 999.90 euros. Including four years of software support, two major releases, monthly update patches.

Pros and cons


  • Style and design
  • Security suite and PC integrations


  • Non-expandable memory
  • eSIM support is missing