Third Pole, Calenda: “Action and Italia Viva divided in the European elections”

There are those in the two parties who are worried about the split

The day after not only confirms the break between Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi. But it crystallizes it over time. And it is the leader of Action who does it: “We will go to the Europeans divided”, he says on TV. Words that increase the concern of some, both in IV and Action, for the tear and failure of the Third Pole project. “Going divided to the Europeans would be madness”, the outburst of a centrist parliamentarian to Adnkronos. The threshold of 4%, current polls in hand, seems difficult for the two parties to overcome if they run alone. And this is why there are those who hope, once the dust of the breakup has settled, that a relationship can gradually be recovered in the coming months.

Moreover, it is explained, the relations between the parliamentarians of Italia Viva and Azione in the House and Senate groups – “net of a few pasdaran” – would be more than positive, certainly “better than those between the two”, understood as Calenda and Renzi. Ettore Rosato and Elena Bonetti for IV as Maria Stella Gelmini and Enrico Costa for Action would have tried to close the deal until the last minute. But things turned out differently. No agreement and exchange of mutual accusations on who, between Calenda and Renzi, blew up the single party. A question and answer that went on even today.

“We had made a commitment” after the policies “to form a party together but when we got to the point, Renzi said no”, Calenda reiterated. The leader of Italia Viva gives an opposite version of the facts: “There is nothing to break with, Carlo let us know via the press that the single party was dead, it is useless to hold onto the responsibilities, I am only sorry that there was no political reason”. Renzi looks to the future, announces that he will return “around Italy. We will have to get the Reformist started, we need to reorganize Italia Viva”. And he observes: “I’m working to build what is a need for Italy: there is political space against populism and sovereignists, even if Calenda no longer exists”.

Then in the afternoon Italia Viva publishes a decalogue of the ’10 fake news’ on the break from the question of money to that of the management of Il Riformista. The only thing Calenda and Renzi agree on is to keep the parliamentary groups united. A matter of numbers. Both for funding that would otherwise be lost, and because currently neither Action nor Iv have the necessary numbers to form autonomous groups. Raffaella Paita, president of the senators, is among those pushing for a recomposition: “Looking to the future, since the groups remain united, a rethink is not excluded. I hope that for the European elections all the operations attributable to reformism will come together, to challenge the populisms of right and left”.

Same hope as Rosato: a relationship of trust must be rebuilt for “the common goal of the European elections. It would make no sense to present two Renew Europe parties that say the same things, have the same characteristics and are distinguished only by their electoral symbol. We need an operation that brings us together.” Also in line Elena Bonetti and from Action, Osvaldo Napoli: “Let’s not give up, a reformist space is needed more than before”.

Meanwhile, while Action and IV divide, the European Liberals and Democrats met today with the four founders Giuseppe Benedetto, Alessandro De Nicola, Oscar Giannino, Sandro Gozi, and saw the entrance of Andrea Marcucci, “whose presence, and experience, reinforces the purpose of the Lib Dems.” More Europe is also being heard with Emma Bonino: “A house for liberals, pro-Europeans, reformists and democrats already exists and it is +Europe”. And on Calenda he stings: “He is the man of about-faces: I have in mind the one of August 7 last year, when he broke the pact with Letta’s Democratic Party and with us of +Europe. It was a watershed date, from I never spoke to Calenda that day”.