Third Pole, Calenda: “Renzi? Different ideas on a single party”. Iv denies

On the 27th meeting on timing. Action’s leader: “I’m in favor of doing it immediately, he’s after the Europeans”

It seems they want the same thing. The single party. But between Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi are days of tension after the flop of the Lazio and Lombardy regionals to which the leader of Azione reacted by asking for an acceleration in the formation of the new political entity. But Renzi would not agree. To support it is the same calendar: “With Renzi we have two different ideas. I am for the single party immediately, Renzi later. He says after the Europeans, but for me we won’t get to the Europeans. It must be done right away. But there is a confrontation that is public,” said the Action leader on TV.

But from Italia Viva they deny that this is the case. Renzi did it yesterday, intercepted outside the Senate. “Can we make a single party? Yes, but the question is when and above all how. Timing is the least of the problems, the problem is how we make this party. But we certainly do it”. The node on the ‘how’ was also relaunched today by a note from Iv after Calenda’s words on TV. “Renzi said both privately to Calenda and publicly that we are ready to form a single party immediately. The question is not whether or when. But the how”.

From the parts of Italia Viva they explain that the ‘how’ refers not to a political but a “procedural” issue, organizational from the regulation of the congresses to the Statute”. But, specifies a big of Iv to Adnkronos, “there is nothing that leads to changes on the path”. It is underlined in the note from Italia Viva: “As Renzi has always said the one party is our destiny and our destination. And we haven’t changed our minds. A party is formed with a political process, not with tweets or talk shows: we are ready to confront each other and work with enthusiasm”.

Calenda replies that the ‘how’ to build the new formation has already been discussed: “The path towards a single party has been promised to the voters and discussed many times in the political committee: writing of the manifesto, openness to subscription by citizens and associations, constituent with vote of the members for election of executive bodies and leadership. We are all convinced on this ‘agreement”.

A moment of clarity should be coming soon. On February 27, the day after the primaries that will elect the new secretary of the Democratic Party, Calenda called the meeting of the political committee in which Renzi is expected to participate. “On the 27th we will decide the times (I hope as close as possible) in a meeting with the Political Committee, the vice president Elena Bonetti and the president / secretary of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi. The rest are reconstructions and inventions. After you”.

But the relationship between Calenda and Renzi is not idyllic, as confirmed by the leader of Action himself. “”I don’t dislike Renzi – he assures -. We are not friends, we take a political path because we share some things. We have never been friends, in politics there are no friends but colleagues”. And he points out, with respect to everyone’s roles within the project: “Renzi gave me the leadership, he said you go ahead. I must say this clearly. There are two roles, Renzi has taken a step back”.