Third Pole, Renzi: “Calenda made it known via the press that the single party was dead”

The leader of Italia Viva: “No political reason to break, now I ask Iv not to fuel the controversy”. Calenda to Repubblica: “I naively believed that Renzi was stepping aside”

On the Third Pole “there is nothing to break, Carlo let us know via the press that the single party was dead, it is useless to hold responsibility, I am only sorry that there was no political reason”. As Matthew Renzion Radio Leopolda, after the break with Carlo Calenda on the single party, reiterating “that I couldn’t do more”.

“If there had been a political reason to break up, we would have come to terms with it, for example there was a political division on Conte due” today “I don’t want to fuel the controversy, I just tweeted with an appeal not to break up”, he said Renzi said again, continuing: “Now I ask Italia Viva not to fuel the controversy, Calenda does not want to be a single party, but that political space exists, that of politics against populism and sovereignty”.

“We are open to any type of collaboration, especially in the territories, I say no reaction foul against Action. On parliamentary groups we are willing to work together”, he explains, continuing: “I am embittered by the personal attack against me, but let’s go on. We will relaunch our initiatives, where we can unite”.

“We need the pace of a marathon runner, we are very sorry, but we’re starting again”, said leader Iv. “If I decide that I no longer go to Leopolda, my friends who want that space of freedom will run after me, on the money we said to do 50 and 50…”, he then says, replying to Action’s accusations. “We have given the willingness to dissolve Italia Viva on October 30, we could not do more …”, he assures.

“We did everything to keep the game from blowing up, at the end of December there was tension over the name of the symbol in Lombardy and Lazio, something that hadn’t been published in the newspapers,” he later revealed.

CALENDA – “I thought it was possible to have a single party and naively that Renzi take a step to the side, given that he earns two million around the world”, explained Calenda this morning in an interview with Repubblica, reiterating his version of the break with Italia Viva . “The truth is that structurally Renzi cannot take a step to the side. He showed up after the referendum”, recalls the leader of Action and president of the Third Pole. “When 100% of IV recovered in December – he reconstructs -. I called him and he said: don’t worry. He is someone who will ‘magna’ you if you are not careful. But I am an indigestible morsel”. “Someone had told me that I had to be careful – he reveals -. But I don’t think it was a mistake to ally ourselves with the policies. Also because I wasn’t sure I had the signatures”. Calenda defines Renzi “a pyrotechnician, who makes one a day, as we saw with the Reformist”.

For now, the parliamentary alliance, the groups together in the House and Senate will not break: “I hope they continue to exist” because “we have done an excellent job on the issues. With Rosato, Bonetti, Marattin”. “Our building site will be open – he says -. We will do the same for the new party. With the European libdems, with the popular ones”. “I will hear from the bodies of +Europa – he concludes -. In theory, our project was also open to them, from the beginning”.