Third Pole, Renzi-Calenda tear. Iv and Action towards separate parliamentary groups

Roberto Giachetti, a Renzian deputy, wondered if “it still makes sense to continue being together” by effectively proposing the separation of the two allied parties. Possible the officialization of the division before the summer break. The two leaders are now distant on many issues, from the minimum wage to the premiership. Here’s what can happen

There is an air of separation in the Third Polo house. The words of Roberto Giachetti, deputy of Italia Viva, brought out the growing tensions. “Does it still make sense for Action and Italia Viva to continue to be together? Let’s provide an element of clarity, everyone will be on their side, and we will know that we also have another political opponent. But to continue like this absolutely seems to me not only devastating but also depressing. But this is my opinion that will definitely not be collected, ”he said, adding:“ Every time Calenda goes on TV, she attacks Renzi head-on. I’ve always thought that breaking that alliance was a betrayal of the voters. But we are truly convinced that the time has not come to stop this pretense, and to save all voters, those of Azione and Italia Viva, from the humiliation of a fiction, of a marriage in which there is a part that evidently can’t stand the other one anymore and unleash insults, attacks, even renouncing the common things that we put together and were in the program from morning to night?”.

The proposal to separate the parliamentary groups

The former dem, who has always been close to Matteo Renzi, to the microphones of Radio Leopoldawhen asked whether it still makes sense for Azione and Italia viva to continue to be together, an answer is given: “It’s time to divide the groups”. Giachetti’s “provocation”, which reflects a discontent shared by the former prime minister and his , therefore seems to hide more concrete intentions. So much so that many, in the Transatlantico in the Chamber, think that the division could be a matter of days. It would therefore be the end of the political experience that united the Renziani and Calendiani in the elections of 25 September .

Calenda’s reply

Calenda, on Twitter, replied that “Giachetti has asked for the separation of the parliamentary groups of Action and Italia Viva. The groups work well together on many substantive issues. But there is no doubt, from the minimum wage to the Covid Commission and the direct election of the premier, significant differences are emerging. In the next few days we will verify their intentions with the leaders of Italia Viva ”. As it reports The sun 24 hoursyesterday in the evening the leader of Action would have confided to his followers “if God wants, now the groups will split”.

What will happen?

A meeting of the parliamentary groups is expected in the coming days, which could be the moment in which the separation will be made official. After the renunciation of the single party in view of the future European elections, mutual intolerance on the part of the two leaders emerged, despite the fact that at the moment neither of the two parties alone reaches the 4% threshold, a barrier below which there is no access to the European Parliament. The two were also divided on two issues of the common program of the Third Pole, the minimum wage (on which Renzi withdrew) and the premiership (on which Calenda took a step back). So the leader of Action seems to be moving back towards the Democratic Party, perhaps to become its centrist ally. While the number one of Italia Viva continues to profess the political space of an autonomous center, but given the majority electoral system he will have to look for sides in order not to be excluded from the thresholds and therefore he could find himself forced to approach the center-right (in particular Forza Italia).