Third Pole, Renzi: “We are neither with the right nor with the Democratic Party”

The former prime minister raises the challenge ahead of Sunday’s vote: “We are not available to anyone”. Then the lunge to the dem: “They deny themselves to embrace the Five Stars. After the elections it will be a split or a congress for them”

Last days of the election campaign and the last proclamations in view of the vote on September 25th. Matteo Renzi reaffirms the line of Action and Italy alive, which aim to go in double figures to play a decisive role in the match linked to the formation of the next government. “We are neither on the right side nor on that of the Democratic Party”, the former prime minister wanted to clarify, specifying that “Italy does not need extremism”.

“Italy needs a bet of common sense”

For this reason, he added, “we are against and in the opposition of Giorgia Meloni, but we are against and in opposition also by Nicola Fratoianni. Italy needs a bet of common sense. Fratoianni is the one who said no to Draghi 55 times,” think about what he did by sending Draghi home. So no, we are not available either to stay with Fratoianni’s Democratic Party or to stay with Giorgia Meloni’s right wing. “

“The Democratic Party denies itself to embrace the Five Stars”

On the sidelines of the meeting with the National Association of Building Builders, the former premier directed another thrust against what was his first party. For Renzi, “the Democratic Party is choosing to renounce historical battles, even in Florence, as on the airport, probably to embrace the Five Stars”. To then conclude: “In Florence we go to double figures or more. Whether we take 5 or 15% in the Florentine Pd, what will happen for the dem in the rest of the country will happen: that is, there will be those who go with M5s and those who he wants to be a reformist. Then I don’t know if they will hold a congress or a split, but they will do one of the two. Best wishes and good luck “.