Third Pole, Scalfarotto (Iv): “There is an agreement with Az on contents but not on perspectives, so Groups make no sense”

“Calenda told Ballarò that we won’t make the Europeans together”

“Like Marattin, I also believe that the contents are the same, and it is on this that the third pole was born, but the problem is certainly not the contents. There are other open questions: the first is the future prospects, the second is mutual trust. Calenda told Ballarò that we won’t play the European Championships together”. As Ivan Scalfarotto, Senator Ivintervenes with Adnkronos in view of the meetings of the Italia Viva-Azione group next week when the fate of the parliamentary group in the Chamber and in the Senate will be decided.

“Up to now I have worked very well with Action colleagues in the Senate group and I would be very happy to continue working with them (also to honor the commitment they have made to the voters) but it becomes difficult if there is no interpersonal trust , if there are frequent attacks like those of the last episode of Ballarò, and if from Action – remarked Scalfarotto – it is openly said that the common political activity will not continue”.

“What’s the point of common groups if not only we don’t get to a single party, but if we’ll actually compete against each other at the next European elections? “I believe – he continues – that this is the issue: common contents are perhaps enough to make a consultancy company, on the other hand, they are not sufficient by themselves to make politics together. I therefore hope that effective reassurances on these two points can soon arrive from Action: trust and respect on the one hand and future prospects on the other”, he concludes. (by Roberta Lanzara)